MTL Lager Captures Montreal in a Bottle

Did you travel across Europe after college? Spend a memorable weekend in Montreal? Do you have a passion for unique, premium beers? Then this week’s Notable product is a must-try for you. MTL Premium Lager, currently available in BC, Alberta, and Quebec, is the brainchild of Montreal beer connoisseur Pol Brisset and his carefully selected team. With the goal of bottling the Europe-meets-North America vibe of Montreal, Brisset et al. have successfully created a premium lager perfect for the young professional. 

After working for a variety of large beer companies across Canada, Brisset set forth to brew up his own brand of premium beer that could embody and showcase his flavourful hometown of Montreal. “I came up with the idea of creating a beer that would represent Montreal through all the good emotions it is known for” Brisset says. “Passion, energy, style, and joie-de-vivre.”

Since Montreal is so often deemed a little piece of Europe on North American soil, Brisset had his brewmaster use the best ingredients and techniques from both continents, specifically top European hops and our superb Canadian malt.  Additionally, Brisset was sure to spend a lot of time focusing on the design of the bottle, ensuring that his visually oriented market would have an immediate idea of what his product is about, and of course, would look good holding it:

“The packaging is indeed unique and delivers an upscale, sleek and stylish look. The clear, silkscreened bottle demonstrates what Montreal is all about, and showcases three distinctive sides of that great city. The front of the bottle is chic and classic, with a horizontal logo and three stars. The side of the bottle reflects the creativity and design that Montrealers are known for, with a description of what MTL Premium Lager is all about. Finally, the vertical logo represents the more urban and modern side of Montreal.”

Brisset says that MTL Lager is made for young professionals: those of us that love travel and enjoy “the great things in life.”  So, for a beer that will bring you back to your weekend at Oktoberfest, or night in Prague, and remind you of your crazy semester at McGill, or that wild bachelor party in Montreal, pick up a MTL Premium Lager. Click here to find your nearest point of sale.