Moving Comic Perfectly Captures the Feeling of a Broken Heart…and Helps Heal It

Your heart feels like it’s physically exposed from your body, raw, and battling the world’s elements.

You wake up in bed alone and the sinking realization hits that it’s not a dream. You have no shame in choking back tears on your way to work – actually, you can’t help it (and don’t give a damn who sees you).

That’s what a broken heart feels like (or at least what mine felt like).

Most of us have experienced one in our lifetime and know that the only thing worse is grieving the death of a loved one. Those who haven’t just wouldn’t get it.

To put things into perspective, and as a reminder of how taxing breakups can be on people in our lives (and ourselves, of course), 28-year-old Cherlyn Chong accurately illustrated the pain of a broken heart through a series of illustrations.

She did so as a way to heal her own broken heart when her fiancé ended their relationship four months ago.

The series of drawings depicts the inevitable demise of a once solid relationship and the stages of grief that follow. They are accompanied by equally powerful text. Case in point:

It starts with numbness, followed by disbelief. 
Then comes the crushing pain.

Red hot, it curls around your entire being till it settles right around your heart, tight and heavy at the same time. 

If you’re familiar with the undeniable pain of a broken heart, you’ll definitely relate to this. If you’re going through one now, just know that it does get better – even if you don’t think it’s possible.

Trust me.