Movember in Calgary

Movember kicks off this week in Calgary, and not only are those telltale staches going to start popping up throughout the city, there’s a list of great events and the sort planned around this yearly campaign. For the community conscious YP, this is a great cause to become involved with. Not only will you be an active participant in the fight against prostate cancer, you’ll also get to go to some of the best parties planned for Calgary this November.

The Calgary committee (which includes a Notable YP – Mark Hodgson) has worked hard to create some amazing events that they’ll be hosting over the following month…

November 4th, Launch Party at 355 Mansion; November 17th, Mid Mo Party at Craft Beer Market; November 18th, Mid Mo Party at both Ceilis Locations and WURST; November 24th, U of C Caberet and Wrap Party; November 30th, Gala Party at Flames Central.

Each promises to be packed with mo bros and mo sistas as they show their support and enjoy the festivities. Calgary is also launching the first Rig Rumble, which will have Calgary’s Oil and Gas and service companies duking it out, so to speak, in an effort to raise more awareness and get Calgary’s corporate community actively involved in the fight against prostate cancer.

In addition, Movember Calgary has created an industry challenge pitting different hospitality groups against each other to see who can build the biggest team, raise the most money, and prove that they have done their part to raise awareness.

It’s not all about fun and games, though. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to afflict Canadian men;one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. To donate, register, or get involved to help fight prostate cancer as part of Movember, click here.

Interested in coming to these events? Follow Movember on Facebook or Twitter, where they will be posting information, events, and links to the cause.