Move Over Luxury Yachts: It’s All About Owning This Incredible Island-Boat

Forget about those goals for a luxury yacht – it’s all about living the dream on a luxurious private floating island-boat.

Now apparently a thing – if your cash flow is high enough – is the chance to buy your every own moveable island paradise.

The innovative designers at Austria-based Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts are in the works to develop the world’s first mobile island boat.

“Living on and with the sea will be a future mega-trend, and this island can be a first step to adapt to this new way of living,” says Christian Gumpold, managing director of Migaloo, according to the New York Post.

Once on board, you’ll find all the amenities of a (super) luxury yacht – but on an island. This includes an elevated penthouse with a Jacuzzi and a glass bottom, guest and VIP suites, a private beach club, and beach gym, a “jungle deck” with a waterfall and cocktail bars, and various other pool, deck, and spa areas.

Photo: Caters News Agency

Photo: Caters News Agency

Photo: Caters News Agency

Sounds like a far cry from Gilligan’s Island.

The island will feature four tender bays for limos and submarines, along with a rooftop helipad – an essential for the type of crowd the island will undoubtedly attract. Naturally, you’ll also find beauty salons, a spa, a gym, a bar, and a pool.

In terms of its use, beyond private occupancy, the Kokomo Ailand could also be used for commercial purposes. Meaning, as a luxury hotel, casino, or a company headquarters.

Though the island will naturally attract the “1 per cent,” the rest of us can still dream…and drool.