Most Notable Cooking Classes in Calgary

As a collective of successful young professionals, we pride ourselves on being well-rounded. We’re style-savvy, well-read, strategic in the boardroom and, of course, sociable with other YPs. However, some of us, while outwardly successful, are a complete disaster in the kitchen. Stir-fry? Been there. Chicken and rice? Boring. It is imperative that every YP be armed with cooking skills and a signature dish you can count on to turn out when you need to impress. This is end of the laissez-faire cooking.

We all know that cooking at home is healthier and saves cash, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. We’re arming our fellow YPs with cooking classes and resources to motivate and inspire you to bring your 9 to 5 confidence into the kitchen.

The Cookbook Company
This is the most well-known cooking company in the city, where cooking newbies and veterans alike come together. Register for a class with a notable Calgary chef, like Rogelio Herrera from Alloy Restaurant, who teaches cross-border flavours drawing from Latin America and the Pacific Rim. The always sold-out Couples Cooking Classes are held each Friday and are aimed at a fun, interactive night out while meeting others. For beginners and those new to entertaining, they offer easy classes like ‘Just for Men, Gourmet Boot Camp’ and ‘Small Bites: Pintxos & Tapas’.

Sunterra Market
Settling into its new home in the gilded and bright Keynote building, Sunterra Market is a central location for checking out their Lunch & Learn cooking classes in their interactive kitchen. Feel good about eating your greens and learn to make them more satisfying with their ‘All About Salads’ class, or attend ‘Social Kitchen’ with other YPs while learning how to shuck oysters. Once you’ve learned to julienne and satay, wander through their fresh produce section; much of their selection is from local farmers and artisans.  

Ruby’s Kitchen
We all love butter chicken; learn how to make your own at home and take it to the next level with insider tips for cooking authentic Indian food. Want to learn a specific dish or a traditional five-course meal? Customize your class with dishes you’re interested in cooking…or tasting. Everyone will want to know the secret to your curry recipe.