More Details Surrounding the New iPhone Emerge

This past weekend was a doozy for Apple PR. In the span of 48 hours, alleged “final prototype” images of the new iPhone leaked out online, and then to add fuel to the fire, the dreaded announcement and release date information leaked out shortly thereafter.

How much validity does this new information actually hold?

Over the last few months there have been umpteen leaked images, rumours of design, spec inclusions, and on and on. Apple, of course, remains extremely tight-lipped about it and we (the consumers) are left to sit, blog, and of course, ponder.

What if the images do prove real?

Simple. The website that posted them will be given the hat-tip for breaking (correctly) what is easily the story of the year. The famed “new iPhone”; the alleged “last” phone design that the late Steve Jobs had involvement with before his untimely passing last September.

Fall is not too far away. 

The purported announcement will come at the beginning of September (the 12th to be exact), with the actual release date just 9 days later on the 21st. This falls exactly a month earlier than last years’ iPhone 4S release, which was announced at the beginning of October and launched on the 14th. The reasoning? Apparently the production of this year’s iPhone has gone better/smoother than expected and Apple feels that releasing it only 11 months after the 4S is a good move. 

What is known is that iOS6 is coming to the masses this fall; and historically speaking, a new OS ushers in a new phone. Truth be told: iOS6, for those who have been using it since dev launch, is only on beta3. This means either Apple is doing very well in regards to timelines and hasn’t needed to release updates as frequently…or they severely have their work cut out for them. 

Regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, September 12th is just over six weeks away; yup, just 6. So start saving and expect a lot more information to come to light in the coming weeks. 

What do you think of the new iPhone? Leave your thoughts below! 

Credit iMore for the scoop; photo credit: iLab Factory