MOON Apparel Teams Up with Canada’s Fashion Bloggers

Want to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion? Get in first on seasonal trends according to the people on the street rather than the heads of fashion houses from sky-high offices? Well then you’ll want to check out MOON Apparel’s Ambassador program

Launched in October, MOON has gathered together 10 of Canada’s top fashion bloggers and asked them to put together their best outfit for the season using Fall ’12 MOON Apparel pieces and accessories from their personal collections. The end result is an online dossier of modern Fall style complete with a personal tip from each blogger.

MOON hasn’t forgotten you, either. Readers and commenters will be offered brand exclusives just for participating. All you have to do is subscribe to the Yellow Dot Blog for updates and trends from Canada’s own style influencers.

The Ambassadors
Nelia Belkova “Style Blog” – In her own words, this “ex-Texan that lived in NYC ever so briefly (currently a happy Torontonian), and a “passioned Salsa dancer” is a natural fashion junkie. Label-obsessed and culturally inspired. Her blog is an amalgamation of the things and people who inspire her and her fashion tastes. 

Lisa Ng & Wendy Kam Marcy “Hip Urban Girl” – These city girls are on a mission: To live the best life in the city. And they’ve solicited the help of other hip young professionals to complete the well-rounded blog, Hip Urban Girl. 

Anita Clarke “I Want I Got” – Anita brings her no BS approach to shopping in the big city. Her blog is a shopping guide complete with product reviews, hot shopping locations and fashion reviews.

Julie Lam “Pop Champagne” – Pop Champagne is the personal style blog of Ottawa-based Julie Lam. By Julie, of Julie, for you.

Jen McNeely “She Does The City” – The mastermind behind a comprehensive blog with numerous contributors, creating a wealth of information for young professional women seeking to live a well-rounded life. In the city, of course.

Christie Lohr “Style Nine to Five” – Your inside guide to the industry. Christie has held numerous positions in the fashion business and now, with Style Nine to Five, Christie is bringing the industry to you.

Gracie Carroll “Gracie Carroll” –A blog of everything that inspires Gracie Carroll, a foodie, writer and fashion lover. 

Robyn Chalmers “Fashionista 514” – Your destination for the most creative fashion photos on the web.

Amy Nelson “Amy Flying a Kite” – The varied artistic musings of a young professional girl dedicated to language, poetry and photography. 

Sharon Ng Hayes “The Backseat Stylers” – These fashion-forward sisters provide you with a backseat view of the industry, the designs and the people.

Photo: Amy Nelson, courtesy Moon Apparel