Montreal’s Top Mixologists Showcase Skills at Grey Goose Pour Masters Competition

Last week (June 26th) was host to the best and most creative Montreal mixologists getting down, dirty and imaginative at the final stop of the 2013 Grey Goose Pour Masters competition in Montreal.

After super successful and exciting competitions in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, it was time for Montreal to bring it’s A-game…and did it ever. Our city’s best bartenders showed us what they’re made of when it comes the art of the cocktail, fully embracing the competition’s prerequisite main ingredient, the seductive Grey Goose Cherry Noir.

The competition took place in the stunning Sinclair Restaurant Terrase, where yours truly,’s Montreal Editor Karolina Jez, along with Grey Goose Global Ambassador, the charming Ludo Miazga, and world-renowned celebrity mixologist Marian Beke from Nightjar in London, had the pleasure of deciding on the best cocktail made with Grey Goose Cherry Noir.

It may seem that just sipping on a cocktail is enough based on the taste to pick the winner but, hold up, it’s much trickier! All the judges had judging criteria cards for each mixologist that contained the following to be scored upon: inspiration, presentation skills, visual appearance, nose (aromas) and, of course, taste. They don’t make it easy, do they?

Let’s get down to the fabulous cocktails we experienced and the masterminds behind them in order from start to finish:

Manuel Vides started off by representing Mile Public House with his “Te Coquette,” a blueberry-infused tea syrup with Grey Goose Cherry Noir of course.

Fabien Maillard followed for Lab A Comptoir A Cocktails, with a beautifully done roaring 20s-inspired “Baker Cherry” – light, feminine and dry.

Andrew Whibley was third in line, also from Mile Public House, with a darling crushed ice cocktail, perfectly refreshing for the hot summer day with a unique hint of homemade birch bark.

Michael Evans from Brooke Restaurant and Bar presented the “Mon Cheri” Grey Goose Cherry Noir infused with a sour cherry marjolaine syrup…mmm!

Anthony Filiatrault of Belle et la Boeuf brought us the “Poppin Blue Cherry,” a simple but super delish blueberry and thyme syrup mixed with Grey Goose Cherry Noir.

Etienne Morier of Buonanotte created a Cherry Noir cocktail that resembled a Caesar…only the syrup and dipping accessory were rhubarb coated with sugar – how clever!

Antoine Galdes from B1 Bar tricked us all with his disappearing act of the “Houdini Sour,” a ginger brandy and confier syrup with Grey Goose Cherry Noir mix!

Gabrielle Panaccio of Lab A Comptoir A Cocktails brought the girl power with her “Bottle” cocktail; a true sensory and emotional experience went behind this cocktail…

Maxime Boivin of Globe really brought the comedian out with “Arielle’s Drink,” a cocktail inspired by his newborn, including orange maple walnut syrup and a lot of laughs.

Brynley Leach from epic neighbourhood bar The Royal Merchant created the “Mestiza” with creative black pepper and chocolate garnish.

Lawrence Picard of the always-bustling Santos was last but not least with his romantic “Moi, Meme & Irene,” a Parisian-inspired drink with muddled blueberries and orgeat syrup.

The judging was tough considering every mixologist truly came out really strong, showcasing their characters to the tee through their cocktails. But a decision had to be made, and the final winner was Miss Gabrielle Panaccio with her beautiful story, perfectly concocted drink, and finesse.

Followed by second place winner and first contestant Manny Vides, who gave us “Te Coquette” with style and a perfect presentation, followed by third place winner Antoine Galdes from B1 Bar with a magical “Sour Houdini,” which left us all astounded.

Before the contest, we offered insight on what the Grey Goose Pour Masters had to say on everything from the creative inspiration behind their cocktails to what makes a good cocktail, and what they are most looking forward to at the 2013 Grey Goose Pour Masters Competition… along with their cocktail recipe. Check it out here.

Congrats to everyone; what a wonderful showdown! See you next time.