Montreal’s Most Notable Restaurants for the Visitor

Montreal is, perhaps inarguably, the food capital of Canada. Able to compete with the food scenes of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Montreal boasts some of the best restaurants in North American – some which pull in the likes of some of the best food personalities from around the world. Ask Anthony Bourdain and he will tell you Montreal is one of the best cities in the world to be laid over in just for the restaurants alone. So for your next trip to Montreal, make sure you hit up the following spots for coffee, brunch, and dinner.

Cafe Myriade1432 Mackay
If you are looking for a latte unlike any latte you have every tasted, make sure you head to Cafe Myriade on your next visit to Montreal. Anthony Benda, Owner and world champion barista, is a mad scientist when it comes to his brews, and his intensity and precision when it comes to his beans, extraction rates and temperatures sure does pay off. He uses the best roasters and beans in the world and some of the most advanced brewing techniques, resulting in the best filter coffee or espresso possibly ever.

Lawrence – 5201 Saint Laurent
For brunch, you would be amiss to pass up a seat at one of Montreal’s hottest and most delicious breakfast spots. Mile end hosts this cozy corner nook that offers up patrons English pub-style brunch fare and has become quite the popular hangout these days. The key is to order just about any dish on the menu, as they are all excellent; but to be sure to order them alongside of their homemade crumpets (which are meant to be slathered with butter and jam). Our favorite brunch items are their baked eggs with celeriac and their bubble and squeak.

Joe Beef – 2491 Notre Dame Ouest
Having just made a major international splash with the successful launch of their cookbook The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of Sorts, this already ‘hard to get into’ restaurant just became even harder to lock down a seat at. Co-owners and chefs Dave McMillan and Fred Morin have become local celebrities, but most notably they are famous for their next-level food in one of the most uniquely quaint and laidback atmospheres in Montreal. Joe Beef is French food with a Quebecois local flare, done up in a big way with exciting flavour combinations and unique dishes. If you know you’ll be visiting Montreal in the near future, book months in advance.

Photo courtesy Joe Beef