Montreal’s Most Notable Neighbourhoods

Montreal is the leading city in Canada when it comes to culture, food and vibrant city neighborhoods. The origin of its’ name is taken from Mount Royal, the triple peaked hill located in the center of the city. Most of the downtown area offers views of the water, and from lookouts atop of Mount Royal you can see as far off as the mountains of Vermont and Quebec City. When you are visiting, there is much to explore, so we’ve made a list of our favorite neighborhoods that we coin our ‘non-negotiables’.

Old Montreal
From daytime to nighttime, there is never a lack of things to do and see in this old 17th century port. From historical buildings and beautiful architecture, to museums and unique one-of-a-kind boutique clothing and accessory stores, your day will be packed with sightseeing and shopping. At night, the Old Port is illuminated and the the young, hip Montreal crowd roams the streets between the hot restaurants and trendy bars and lounges that make Old Montreal so popular. 

This artsy area in the northeast section of downtown Montreal is an artist’s Mecca. The combination of scenic residential streets with hip shopping and dining makes this one of our favorite go-to neighborhoods when visiting Montreal. All the Montreal landmarks when it comes to restaurants reside here, and there is a history that almost oozes out of every pore of every street you walk on.

Mile End
Mile End is located right next to the Plateau. The artist vibe from the Plateau bleeds out into the Mile End streets that are filled with cool furniture stores, young noteworthy restaurants, and edgy bars and lounges. This is a very youthful area and is always bustling with foot traffic, young professionals, and some of the best clothing boutiques in the city.

St. Henri
This is Montreal’s newest hot neighborhood. With a popularity boost following the opening of Joe Beef six years ago, some of the most successful young professionals started flocking to this area to buy their first condos and be part of the gentrification of an area that is now one of the most sought-after for restaurant and bar openings.  Located in the southwest part of the Montreal core, this neighborhood sits right on the picturesque canal. The Atwater Market is the defining landmark of this neighborhood, as are some of the coolest pubs and restaurants in the city.