Montreal’s Le Fashion Market Launches Canadian Curated Online Tradeshow

Emerging designers, this one’s for you! Montreal founded company Le Fashion Market (LFM) is here to jumpstart your career by providing a web-based wholesale marketplace in which designers can connect with and sell to retailers, distributors, agents and industry insiders.

Le Fashion Market is a unique B2B solution that will assist in the many issues faced by emerging fashion brands and independent retailers started by co-owner of James Boutique and the newly-launched Kingsley clothing line Maya Meir, as well as IT professional Shawn Goldberg. 

“It is really tough for up-and-coming designers to get their collections in front of the right buyers, and even established brands are getting frustrated by the high cost of participating in conventional tradeshows, especially considering the decline of retailer attendance in recent years,” says Meir. “Managing an indie boutique for the last 10 years, I spent a lot of time looking for cool, stylish new brands, and always feel their absence from the current tradeshow experience. With LFM, retailers worldwide that are on a constant quest for new brands will now be able to find them much easier and cost effectively.”

What’s really notable here is the easiness of which designers and retailers can access and build their spaces on LFM. The website provides an ultra-user-friendly and secure portal that enables brands to present their collections to potential buyers and stores. 

With things becoming more virtual every day, LFM’s created their “virtual tradeshow,” where brands have their own space to upload and manage their collections and retailers can browse them and directly contact the designers to place orders through the website. 

And we are not done yet! To make it even easier and more helpful for brands, LFM members are automatically linked with social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through a forum designed to unify the community. Talk about mastering it all! 

For more information about LFM, visit them online (where else?) 

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