Montreal’s Hottest Suit Lounge Launches with a (Nearly Naked) Bang

Send out a lineup of handsome men in nothing but suit jackets, dress socks, shoes, and briefs to parade across Place Ville Marie.

This is how you stop one of Montreal’s busiest malls. 

And it’s exactly what RW&CO did last week to launch its newest addition, Suit Lounge.

With everything currently going on the retail industry – including major closures for some of Canada’s largest retailers – there’s a large gap in the market for trendy and affordable work attire for young professionals.

Which is exactly where RW&CO comes in, seizing the opportunity to stand out and become a leader in the young professional workwear market. 

After all, not everyone can afford to dish out $1000 on one suit. Thankfully, Suit Lounge means you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you want to hurt your bank account a little less. 

Not only that, but Suit Lounge offers shoppers a brand-new, 360-degree shopping experience that feels like a sophisticated and curated gentlemen’s club.

Built on RW&CO’s growing reputation as a suit destination, the concept will breathe new life into their stores – from the windows to the walls, and everywhere in between.

New to the suit game? No need to stress. The Suit Lounge is fully equipped with professional stylists to help you figure out the perfect fit, colour, and look.

So get ready for some spring cleaning in your closet; you’ll need the extra room for all the great pieces you’re about to step into.


All photos by: Karolina Jez

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