Montreal’s Favourite Poolroom Boul Noir Makes Way for Fitzroy

Australia in Montreal?

Sort of.

Montreal’s favourite poolroom, Boul Noir, is now called Fitzroy (551 Mont-Royal East) – named after the hip Melbourne neighbourhood with a laid back atmosphere reminiscent of the Plateau.

This has been the source of inspiration for the new establishment’s design.

Boul Noir was recently acquired by Kevin Latrem (Apt. 200), Kyle Fowler, and Jean-Simon Royer (Porte Rouge). And in order to pay tribute to the establishment’s past, the new owners have incorporated pool tables into their clean-lined and cozy Australian beer garden.

Amlyne Phillips (Apt. 200, Scarlett, l’Gros Luxe) is the name behind the Scandinavian inspired clean lines of Fitzroy’s loft-like space. The young designer has succeeded in bringing warmth, comfort and refinement to the bar while incorporating enough greenery to make it feel like a sunny terrace from down under.

Fitzroy’s main space has something for everyone.

15 pool tables three foosball tables, long communal dining tables, intimate lounges, and a big main bar.

If a larger group outing is on the menu, Fitzroy also offers a private room with a projector for parties of 50 to 65, just in case you want a sequestered space to cheer on our Habs.

Speaking of the Habs, hockey fans can watch the entire Habs’ season (with sound) and enjoy a fast food gourmet menu offering a selection of simple but scrumptious dishes.

Pool. Habs. Drinks.

Just how we like it.


All images by: Adam Taubert

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