Montreal’s Best Poutine As Voted by You

And the winner is…


By .01%.

Yes, it was THAT close.

In fact, this was the tightest race in Montreal poll history. Plateau’s La Banquise, an all-night diner for Québécois grub with an insane menu of poutine dishes, made this the toughest battle yet. So a big gravy applause is well deserved.

Poutineville and its two Montreal locations ended up taking home the cheese curd trophy in the end. Known for being able to create the perfect custom poutine, this local favourite keeps scoring rave reviews for their take on the Quebec staple.

With 13.6% of your votes, Paulo et Suzanne, a 24-hour spot with an amazing Italian Poutine also deserves some credit.

Below you’ll find a plate that breaks down all the votes. If you see something you don’t like, let us know in the comments. Or next time, get off the gravy train and just vote…


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