Montreal’s Best Oyster Hubs

As you all know by now, Montreal is a foodie’s wet dream. With internationally-acclaimed restaurants in every neighbourhood, Montrealers and tourists alike have a plethora of options to choose from. But what Montreal offers that no non-coastal town does is some of the best oyster spreads you can ever imagine. Whether you crave a West Coast milky and silky oyster, or a fresh and salty East Coast oyster, the spots below will blow your oyster expectations out of the water.

This Old Montreal hot spot is notable not only for their amazing vibe and succulent menu, but also for their vast selection of fresh oysters and their renowned oyster shucker extraordinaire, Daniel Notkin. Sit at the bar with him while he shucks your choices and educates you on exactly what you are about to pop into your mouth. 479 St. Alexis.

Joe Beef Oyster Bar
Recently opened, Joe Beef Oyster Bar is merely an extension of Joe Beef (the converted and greatly missed McKiernan’s luncheonette). Stop in after work for a glass of crisp white wine and fresh oysters (they do not have a wide selection, but they sure do get some of the freshest oysters in town). 2491 Notre Dame West.

Lucille’s Oyster Dive
Located in the quaint Monkland Village, Lucille’s Oyster Dive, a favourite for their seafood, has a variety of tasty oyster options to choose from. If you are looking for a quieter dining experience, head here. 5626 Monkland.

Maestro S.V.P.
Maestro S.V.P. is hands down the quintessential oyster bar. Located on The Main, this spot has been around for years and offers up the widest variety of oysters in the city. Their shuckers are well-educated in their options and can help you choose your oysters to best suit your taste buds. 3615 St. Laurent.

Garde Manger
If you want to eat fresh oysters in one of the coolest and trendiest restaurants in the city, head to Garde Manger where celebrity chef Chuck Hughes ensures his oysters are fresh from the sea to your mouth. 408 St. Francois Xavier.

Image courtesy Creative Commons.