Montreal’s Best Gyms and Health Clubs

Choosing which gym to belong to can sometimes be a stressful task – but at least when you find the right fit you can work that stress out with a run on the treadmill. There are so many factors to choose from: location, facilities, classes, and the ‘hotness’ and ‘notableness’ (yes, it’s a word now) of the members. Here are our top choices of where to work out in Montreal, taking into consideration location and the ever-important it factor.

MAA (Montreal Athletic Association)
Voted the best fitness club in Canada, MAA is centrally located downtown (at Peel and Sherbrooke), and attracts members from all age brackets. It’s part of the Cambridge Group of Clubs so a membership here gives you access to some of the most prestigious health clubs all over North America. Their recent renovations make this gym one of the hottest in the city. 2070 Peel.

Victoria Park
This boutique gym, located in Victoria Village smack in the middle of Westmount’s main strip, is one of the trendiest gyms in the city. Its boutique vibe and controlled amount of members allows for a more private workout experience. It’s the quintessential neighbourhood club, and even boasts a beautiful spa on the top floor. Keep your eyes open for Montreal Canadians during the hockey season, many of them workout here! 376 Victoria.

Mansfield Athletic Club
Also located in the heart of downtown Montreal, the Mansfield Club has become a very popular gym for young professionals and students in the downtown core. With 48,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art equipment, you will be privy to some of the best workout experiences around. 1230 Mansfield.

The Sanctuaire
Located in midtown Montreal, in the heart of Outrement, The Sanctuaire has revamped and renovated and now offers up one of the best gyms in the city. From underground parking to their new and improved dressing rooms, The Sanctuaire is a pleasure to belong to and offers up convenience unlike any other gym in Montreal. 6105 Boise Ave.

Image of Victoria Park Health Club.