Montreal’s Best Burger As Voted by You

Last week we launched our first ever Montreal poll and asked you to tell us what Montreal’s best burger was.

And boy, do you care about your patties.

We were beyond impressed with your enthusiasm for a good piece of meat. (No pun intended…)

According to all you burger junkies out there, it’s Saint-Denis’ Minced. La Maison des Burgers that took home the #1 spot.

Known for cooking their burgers to medium and being uber-juicy in both taste and texture, Minced is a must-try and is also a big contender during Montreal’s Burger Week.

Le Gourmet Burger offered some incredible competition, ultimately coming up only a few percentage points shorts.

Below you’ll find a pie chart that breaks down the rest of the results. And if you disagree with what you see let us know in the comment section, or just get your buns in motion and vote next time.


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