Montreals 4th Annual Oysterfest

Celebrate the bounty of the world’s favourite mollusc! The hugely popular event brings in shuckers from across North America, joins 15 successful Montreal restaurants and draws in throngs of loyal young professionals from all over Canada. On top of this year’s abundance of oysters, a supply that could rival that of any natural oyster reef, the top restaurants will come together to prepare delectable dishes and provide drinks for the masses. Apart from celebrating the only marine delicacy that could draw these kinds of crowds, Oysterfest is not without cause – proceeds from the tickets will be put towards the “Open Pier Foundation,” which promotes ocean sustainability through education, while charitable donations from restaurants will be donated to the Environmental Defense, whose goal is to protect Canada’s waterways. The event is headed by one of our own YPDailys, Montreal oyster pro Daniel Notkin, whose obsession with oysters dates all the way back to his toddler years. Aw, shucks!

The Vitals
What: Montreal’s 4th Annual Oysterfest
Where: Pigeon Hole Renewal; 240 Notre-Dame West, Montreal
When: September 2nd from 2pm – 9pm
More info/tickets: Tickets are $35 (2 food/drink tickets) and $65 (10 food/drink tickets) – available on Eventbrite soon.

Photo courtesy Midnight Poutine.