Montreal Weekender: September 23rd through 25th, 2011

This Weekender is geared towards the love of Montreal. If we had our ultimate weekend, start to finish, this is what we would do, where we would eat, where we would drink, and where we would spend our days. As we find ourselves in the midst of the Fall 2011 season, we also find ourselves loving the buzz of the city and vibing off that energy and taking everything in.

At Notable, we are thrilled that Liverpool House has reopened after a 6-week hiatus after their infamous and unfortunate kitchen fire. They are back with a new one, a fresh coat of paint, and the usual crew who we all have missed terribly. To celebrate their reopening, we suggest booking a table for dinner and drinks. Order what we’ve all missed that they are famous for: their roasted chicken, rack of ribs, or lobster spaghetti. After dinner, take a short cab to downtown and nestle in for an evening of wine at Pullman Wine Bar.

On Saturday, start your day with a scrumptious brunch at Lawrence in Mile End. Go crazy and order something wild, like their devil kidneys served on rye toast in spicy vinaigrette, or, if you don’t want to get too disorderly on a Saturday morning, opt for their baked pot of celery root, eggs, and mushrooms. From there head to Cafe Olimpico (you can walk) for a cappuccino, and then do some good shopping at all the cute grocery stores along Parc Ave in Outrement.

At night grab a light dinner at Santropol in the Plateau, and try their fresh sandwiches and salads or immerse yourself in a big bowl of their homemade soup. If it’s warm enough, ask for a seat on their terrace (may be your last chance to before the frost hits). From there, hit the Old Montreal bar scene, may we suggest a bit of bar hopping between Garde Manger, Philemon, Confessional, and Vauvert in the St. Paul Hotel? You will find yourself amongst the very cool and very trendy of Montreal’s scene, and have different vibes throughout, but you will have the perfect Old Montreal evening.

Sunday, head to Beauty’s for brunch. Treat yourself to a mish mash omelette (hot dogs, salami, green peppers, onions) and share a Beauty’s Special (lox and cream cheese on a bagel) with your dining partner. Finish the meal off with some toasted banana bread with ice cream. And then of course, hit the road to walk it all off. May we suggest a Bixi ride to St. Henri, scope out the Atwater Market scene, read a book on the canal, and cozy up for a quiet Sunday night at home.

Image by Denis Carl.