Montreal Weekender: March 30 through April 2, 2012

Head to Cafe Laika after work on Friday night for a drink in the Plateau; after a few cocktails, its time for dinner. Make your way downtown to the new Korean BBQ spot called Seoul Chako, located right on St. Catherine Street West, offering its patrons tables with grills built right into them. The idea is you order your marinated meats (short ribs, pork, chicken) and then you cook them at your table. The menu is a fixed menu and you basically get as much as you can eat.  You can also choose from a list of vegetables meant to be cooked on the grill (sweet potato, onions) and of course you order your white rice and edamame on the side. After dinner, take a stroll a few blocks east to McKibbins’ Pub on Bishop for a few pints.

Saturday morning wake up and head to Le Vieux Velo located in Little Italy (close to Rosemont), which is famous for its eggs Benedict. This throwback-to-the-80s brunch spot is a cozy place for a Saturday morning breakfast – and yes, you MUST order the Benedict. After breakfast, walk it off with a stroll through Little Italy and back down south along St. Laurent Blvd. through Mile End and the Plateau. Stop in at Reservoir for a pint of their own brew (if it’s nice enough the rooftop terrace will be open…sit there). Afterwards, head home to rest up for the evening. Dinner tonight is set to be at Kitchenette.Off the beaten path, this restaurant located way East on Rene Levesque offers up some of the best food in Montreal. If it’s just you and one other person, we highly recommend sitting at the bar and watching them cook. After dinner, hop in a cab and head to Whiskey Cafe in Mile End for some scotch tasting. Late night, head down the street to Big in Japan Bar for a night amongst some of Montreal’s coolest and hippest, and drink some sake and more Japanese whiskey.

Sunday, its time to stick to Montreal basics and hit of the famous spots for food. Start with breakfast at Beauty’s Luncheonette and feast on a mish mash omelet and Beauty’s Special (lox and cream cheese on a Montreal bagel – all dressed). Head to Mount Royal Park for a nice brisk spring walk and then have a late afternoon snack at The Main for the second-best smoked meat sandwich in the city. After this, we do not suggest indulging anymore. Head home for a home-cooked Sunday night dinner and a good rest before the week to come!