Montreal Weekender: July 19 through 22, 2012

Great news! There’s nothing but sunny skies and great times in the forecast for this upcoming weekend. Ladies, do your hair andmake-up, guys, throw on your happen’in duds and smooth smelling cologne, and let’s get this weekend started with our list of notable suggestions…

Let’s start this weekend off with some laughs. “The Ethnic Show: Ethnical Difficulties” is playing at Club Soda at various times, but we think you should try and catch the very first show at 7pm. Watch as these witty comedians poke fun at Montreal’s ethnically diverse population, without having rotten tomatoes thrown at them. This show in previous years has gotten many “thumbs up” for hilariousness.

For all you film buffs out there who want to escape the heat and head indoors to a refreshingly air conditioned theatre, the Fantasia International Film Fest starts today. This is widely considered to be one of the most exciting genre film festivals in the world, and recognized as the largest and most influential event of its kind in North America – a leader in the genre film scene and one of the country’s most popular film festivals. With diverse programming and a focus on the imaginative cinema of Asia, Europe and the Americas, Fantasia’s offerings range from unique and powerful personal visions to international commercial crowd-pleasers rarely seen in North-America.

Are you feeling happy that it’s Friday again? Well then, it’s time to watch the tail end of the famous Cabaret Show, Le Crazy Horse Paris Presents: “Forever Crazy“. You will be sure to have racy, seductive, humorous and artistically talented performers dazzle you as you sit back and be transported to 1950s Paris, France. This show is under the direction of Montreal’s very own über-talented and stylish Dick Walsh, and will be playing at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. C’est Ooh la la, sexy!

If you are feeling like tending to your taste buds as opposed to watching the various entertaining shows around town, then try the newest addition to Old Montreal, Restaurant Helena. This eatery boasts delicious Portuguese cuisine and wines, and diners are invited to taste their petiscos (tapas), which provides the opportunity to taste all of Portugal’s flavours, from the more familiar to the unexpected. The atmosphere is quite inviting and has been attracting a lot of Old Montreal’s hipster crowd, who like to see and be seen. Chef Helena Loureiro has been tantalizing Montrealers with her native Portugal’s cuisine for well over a decade, and now continues to do so in this new establishment. Seeing as how many restaurants are closed on Mondays, Helena Restaurant is happy to announce that they’re open to start the week for lunch and dinner. For reservations, click here.

Got Saturday Night Fever and feel like dancing? Check out the DANSE CONTACT party w/ DJs Maus & Christian Farley. This eclectic party is brought to you by “I Love Neon” & “Maus,” as they unite forces to provide you with an night of musically extravagant adventures. The meeting point is located at Le Salon Daome, where you will be able to put on your dancing shoes, swig some energy drink, and then dance ’till you can’t any more. 

For something a little more far out, and we mean this literally, there’s the The Island 2012 Jurassic Primitive Party.
There will be no electrically powered lighting on the dance floor, only torch-lit and bonfires to light your way. 
You need to drive to the instructed address 40 minutes west of Montreal, then the shuttle boat takes you on a 20-minute ride to the secluded island, where you can party until the sun comes up and beyond, because this is a 24-hour event.
There will be food, Hype energy drink, water and a cash bar to keep you going on the island as you pretend to be a participant on the show “Survivor” and make it back just in time for work Monday morning.

After all the action of the previous few days, how about something totally unique and exclusive to Montreal? We’re talking about the “STAR WARS IDENTITIES” exhibition at the Montreal Science Center in the Old Port. This can be a “sci-fi” Sunday afternoon activity where you discover the science behind the characters of Star Wars in order to understand what makes them who they are, and what makes you who you are. It’s an interactive identity quest, so dip into your costume “tickle trunk” from Halloweens past, get dressed up to the “geek nines,” and head on down. Tickets must be bought online beforehand because there are no tickets sold at the exhibit itself, due to the popularity. You have until September 16th to see this exhibit before it leaves to another galaxy far, far away.

If you are feeling a little more wild, carefree, and renegade-like, then hop on a BIXI bike and cycle your way over to Mont-Royal to witness a weekly Montreal summer tradition. “Tam Tams” in the park is like our very own “Woodstock,” where strange smells waft in the air as hundreds of make-shift musicians from every part of the globe play their instruments from bongos and snare drums, to tiny triangles You can sit back and observe the cacophony, or join in on the fun by dancing alongside the many happy-go-lucky participants. This is not organized or regulated by any association or group, it’s just a bunch of cool cats who come together every week to spread joy to their fellow humans. Feel free to bring your dog, Frisbee, football, or lover to this happening.