Montreal Weekender: December 16 through 18, 2011

We don’t have a theme for this weekend other than a love of Montreal and all the wonderful things that this great city offers to the local young professional looking to let loose and decompress after a long, and hopefully successful, week at the office. 

Finish up your work on Friday and head right away for a 5 to 7 pub crawl along Crescent Street. Start off at Thursday’s, roll into Hurley’s, and then cap it off at New Town. Then hop into a cab and head for dinner at Montreal’s famous roast beef house, Magnan. Located just across the Lachine canal, in view of the Atwater Market, lies the hub (and Montreal institution) for the best roast beef, some may say, in Canada. Order their standard roast beef, with an option for anywhere between 6 oz to 20 oz.   

On Saturday, take your time getting up and head to L’Avenue for lunch. This is by far one of the most popular brunch or lunch places in the Plateau, which is indicatory by the long line up out the door at almost any time of the day. Spend the afternoon walking up and down St. Denis street, in and out of the wide array of clothing stores and furniture shops. Stick around the area and explore the neighbourhood before enjoying an early dinner at La Salle A Manger. Located on Mount Royal East, this is a really edgy and delicious restaurant.  We recommend their salmon tartar or ceviche to start. Their Fois Gras is also killer.  

Head home, find some dressy threads and head out for a night of drinks at Billy Kun, one of the coolest and trendiest cocktail bars in the city. With its black and white checkered floors and ostrich heads on the walls, you will be entertained all night while enjoying some of the best dirty martinis in the city. 

Sunday, grab lunch at Patati Patata, Montreal’s smallest and coziest burger bar located at the corner of Rachel and St. Laurent. From there, head to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and take in their Big Bang exhibition. The museum invited some of the youngest and brightest local artists to do an art piece or installation inspired by an existing painting in one of their permanent galleries. Finish off your day with shopping at Ogilvy’s and cap off the weekend with a healthy vegetarian dinner from Crudessence on Mackay, a favourite amongst non-meat-lovers in the city. 

Photo courtesy La Salle A Manger