This Montreal Restaurant Owner is Offering Free Meals for the Homeless This Christmas

One Montreal restaurant owner is doing his best to give everyone a warm (and full) holiday season.

Raji Abi Rached, who owns Amir restaurant at the Place Versailles mall in the city’s northeast end, is giving out free meals to homeless people in the area. It’s a tradition he’s carried out since he bought the franchise five years ago.

“I am the owner of the Amir restaurant at Place Versailles and we offer a free meal for the homeless until Christmas,” he wrote Montreal mayor Valérie Plante in a tweet.  If you ever see a few, you can bring them and we’ll invite them to a good day.” Mayor Plante promptly replied:

“This is a very nice initiative on your part, sir [Abi Rached],” her tweet reads.

Canadians from coast to coast have praised Abi Rached’s gesture.

In an interview with CBC, Abi Rached says it’s a small effort that yields a big reward – something we can all take to heart as Christmas approaches.

“Every time they pass here, we call them; we give them food, or they come, they ask us,” he told the CBC. “It doesn’t take much to do what we’re doing. It’s a small gesture that can help a lot. It makes a big difference for other people.”