Montreal Oysterfest Hosts Ticket Launch Party Tonight at Burgundy Lion

As every oyster-loving and party-going Montrealer awaits the beloved Oysterfest, leave it to the Burgundy Lion, the Old Port Fishing Co. and the Open Pier Foundation to throw an event and get us all amped up early for the event of the summer! The Montreal Oysterfest ticket launch party is taking place tonight and we caught up with the city’s oyster shucking king and Oysterfest Founder Daniel Notkin to get the 411 on tonight’s good times:

What can we all expect tonight?
Just a great time as a teaser and lead up to Oysterfest, which is 6.5 weeks away, or about 45.5 days, (Zoiks!) With each ticket sold, you get an oyster and a beer and oysters will be sold all night. The theme and poster by my great fried Riccardo Cellere, who’s also a board member, will be unveiled. We’ll also start to mention all those who have already confirmed being and participating at Oysterfest; my buddy James will be guest shucking with me, drinks, music and awesome people can all be expected. Whew. Sounds fun!

Will there be oyster samples?
There will be at least three kinds of oysters you can buy tonight…always love choices.

Will YOU be shucking away?
I’ll be shucking away with my buddy James! Need some practice for the Canadian national competition next week.

What time do the festivities start?
We start at 7:15pm because I’ve never known an event to start at 7:15.

Should we be ready for a heavy morning after the party?
My dear goodness, yes. It’s Oysterfest-adjacent. If there’s an ethereal warning sign it will be hanging over the Burgundy Lion tonight. Consult a physician before entering…the oysters should detoxify and keep you pure though.

For info on tonight, click here. See ya’ll there!