Montreal Burger Week is on Now

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, it should be. 

For all you foodies and burger lovers, Le Burger Week is the holy grail of events when it comes to finding and sampling that perfect patty nestled inside that even more perfectly baked bun (or whatever else these chefs concoct).

If you’re a BW newbie – or alumni who needs the latest updates on what’s going down this time around – there’s no one better to chat to with than Co-Founder Na’eem Adam. Get your bibs ready…

When does BW start and end this week?
September 1st to 7th, like every year in all cities.

Can you explain in a few sentences what Burger Week is all about?
It’s about finding the best burger around, having fun, and allowing local restaurants to showcase something classic but unique for a week. We also want you to vote for your favourite so we can crown the best burger in town at the end of all the festivities.

What’s new this time around?
No price limits this year for burgers, which means the chef can really create something he feels represents his place without having to limit the burger at $10 like previous years. Burgers are from $5 to $20 this year.

We also have a Carnivor wine partnership, where at 7 different restaurants you get a glass of Carnivor wine paired with your burger. 

For someone that’s new to this, how would you suggest going about experiencing the epic nature of BW?
Visit our website,, for the listings. Plan your week and pace yourself. There are a lot of exciting burgers, but you can’t eat them all in a week. 

Are there any must-trys?
We have more than 100 must-trys across Canada and in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Seriously! 

What in your eyes makes the perfect burger?
Personally, it’s the bun for me. What holds the burger together needs to be awesome. Thierry (Na’eem’s BW partner) is more into the meat, as one should be. But sometimes a burger is more than just the patty.  

What are you looking for when judging this year?
Overall experience, not just the burger itself. We want the burger to be amazing, the service to be great, and the ambiance to be fun. But that’s only our vote. We ask the public to vote for their favourite too, and that is based on the burger alone. You can vote on our website. 

How do foodies buy passes and how do they work?
No passes. Just pick a resto from our site, walk in, and order a burger! 

To get more info on this delish event, click here.


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