Montreal Apologizes to Toronto for 375th Birthday Party Noise in New Tourism Campaign

Yesterday, an airplane with a banner saying “Sorry Toronto” flew over The Six and confused a whole bunch of people.

As it turns out, it was all part of a new campaign from Tourisme Montreal called “Sorry.”

Much like a college kid would to his neighbours, the campaign apologizes to Toronto in advance of all the noise Montreal is set to make as it celebrates its big 375th birthday.

Accompanying the banner is a video that features Montrealers knocking on doors in Toronto, distributing tickets for free Air Canada trips to Montreal.

montreal apologizes

The video shows Montrealers throughput the city, repeatedly apologizing for Montreal’s upcoming year-long party that’s “going to make a lot of noise.”

Though the campaign may initially come across as snobby, that’s apparently not the intention.

“It’s really a friendly tone and it’s like ‘hey guys, we’re doing a party and you’re more than welcome to join us,’” explained Andrée-Anne Pelletier, a spokesperson with Tourisme Montreal, according to Global News.

“When you’re doing a party, you’re going to knock on the other apartments to say we’re going to be making noise but you’re more than welcome to come over.”

montreal apologizes

To mark its 375 birthday, Montreal will see a series of vibrant projects and events throughout the year (175, to be exact), including a light installation on the Jacques Cartier Bridge and a new downtown skating rink.

The celebrations are complete with a $329 million tab set aside by the city for capital works projects for the anniversary.

Next up for the “Sorry” campaign is a stop in New York City, where the very loud Montreal ambassadors will encourage our American friends to visit Montreal and join the party.

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