Millennials Say They’re More Interested in Culture Than Partying When They Travel

Millennials have often received a bad rep for being lazy party animals.

So one could just assume they would only be interested in partying and paying little attention to the culture around them when travelling abroad.

But a recent survey by Top Deck Travel found that millennial travellers not only value new experiences, they are increasingly interested in creating new friendships and experiencing different cultures as well.

Happiness for this generation doesn’t come from partying or shopping while traveling, but from the experiences they will remember for a lifetime.

86 per cent of those surveyed, who fell into the 18-24 age group, said experiencing new cultures is what made them most excited about traveling.

Ticking places off one’s bucket list fell close behind at 75 per cent, while eating and making new friends followed at 67 per cent and 66 per cent, respectively.

Forty-four per cent of those surveyed said partying made them excited about traveling and only 25 per cent said they were interested in shopping while travelling.

The survey also found that millennial travelers think eating local cuisine ranked as an 8 out of 10 on the importance scale and only two per cent of travellers couldn’t care less about what they eat.

And surprisingly enough, millennial travellers only cared “somewhat” about having regular access to WiFi. If travellers did find WiFi, they would use it to access Facebook, which 94 per cent of travellers said they would use while travelling. Over half of young travellers said they only update their social media accounts a few times per week.

Such a difference from the real world.

Clearly living an epic and meaningful life for millennials is all about sharing and creating irreplaceable memories through different cultural experiences.