Millennial Snacking Culture Includes Four Key Moments and Anything Instagram-Worthy

Whether during a Netflix binge, on a date or at the office, we can all agree that snacking is pretty much the best thing ever.

And if anyone likes to snack, it is millennials.

According to Millennial Marketing, millennials snack four or more times in 24 hours – and these days, anything can be considered a snack. In fact, 70 per cent of millennials think that anything from protein shakes to leftover pizza can be considered a snack.

A recent research report by Millennial Marketing, The Snack Hack: What You Need to Know About Modern Consumer Snacking Culture, highlights the snacking habits and occasions of millennials.

They’ve narrowed it down to the four snacking moments that millennials live by. Taking it a step further, we’ve highlighted some of the most Instagram-worthy snacks in Toronto. Because the only thing we love more than snacking is documenting it on social media.

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Acai bowl at The Village Juicery

The Healthy Habit
According to the report, millennials are kicking the day off on a healthy note with a focus on health and wellness. Seeking fuel for the morning grind, they are opting for things like protein bars and shakes, hard-boiled eggs and granola parfait. When it comes to Toronto millennials, acai bowls of all varieties – from places like Bolt and The Village Juicery – appear in countless Instagram accounts in all of their goodness-packed glory.

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The Mindless Munch
The report found that snacking has become less thoughtful as the day progresses, and more about convenience (after all, you can’t be picky when you’re chained to your desk). Although different types of snacks fit this category, the flavours tend to lean on the sweet side. But not always; when it comes to the mindless munch, the latest and greatest trend with millennials involves casually mowing down on insects.

Tacos at El Catrin. Image by NaokoEats

Tacos at El Catrin. Image by NaokoEats

The Shareable Snack
Everyone knows that feeling of hunger that hits before dinner and has you craving some serious pre-dinner apps (even if it ruins our appetite). In fact, the report found that shareable snacks often replace traditional lunch and dinner meal times. It seems Toronto’s taco craze isn’t gong anywhere, as evidenced by the countless #taco snaps from spots like El Cabilito, El Catrin and Playa Cabana.

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The Personal Prize
When it comes to cravings, millennials are turning to sweet and savoury ultimate indulgences of all varieties – the bigger and more Instagram-worthy, the better (in our opinion). These cravings – and giving into them – are particularly prevalent in times of stress and boredom. Well-documented Toronto examples of the ever-indulgent “Personal Prize” include Sweet Jesus and Uncle Tetsu.

When it comes to snacking, other Instagram-worthy snacks currently having a moment in the spotlight include sushi burritos, poke (especially that from new spot Calii Love) and pretty much anything plant-based (particularly from Planta).