Metrovino Brings Wine Culture to Calgary

For those of you who love wine, Metrovino (located at 722 11th Ave SW) is a bit of a paradise. Considered to be one of Canada’s top wine stores, their wine selection includes many hard-to-find small producers and intriguing, obscure wine regions. 

In fact, many of the wines on their shelves are often on semi or exclusive availability to Metrovino and, by extension, their clientele. Part of this is due to their focus on having direct and personal business relationships with the vineyards themselves – in essence cutting out the middleman. This not only gives you a unique selection of outstanding wines, but they are often offered at a very competitive price. 

Mind you, this close relationship with the vineyards also allows them to really know the ins and outs of each bottle available. The staff at Metrovino is some of the top in the industry, each possessing an impressive wealth of knowledge. With a team like that, it is clear that this is a place that loves wine and engages in it with gusto, but refreshingly you will not find any pretense here.

Looking for the perfect bottle for a dinner party? The staff will work with you to help pick out the perfect bottle – no matter what your budget. The staff will probably share with you (without being asked) the story behind each bottle. They will also help you pair your meal – all you have to do is provide them with your menu and budget and they will do the rest.

Interested in developing a personal cellar at home? Metrovino also offers the service of helping you plan and stock a new cellar. Already have a well-stocked cellar? The staff can also help you determine where your existing cellar could be stronger.

Curious about learning more about wine? Metrovino also has an excellent variety of classes, tastings and events, from exploring a particular grape variety found throughout the world to revealing unique wines originating in a specific region… all of which are held in their new Calgary Wine Tasting and Education Center located beside the store itself.