Men’s Spring Fashion Trend: The High Waisted Trouser

This spring, men’s fashion has returned to the 1950s. As if the Mad Men craze hasn’t been influencing men’s style enough for the past seven years, actor Joaquin Phoenix’s recent high waisted trouser look in the film HER has sparked more interest than a Don Draper sales pitch. HER’s wardrobe alone inspired an entire collection at Opening Ceremony entitled “her by Opening Ceremony” featuring retro-futuristic, high-waisted trousers. Though the lifted waistline has been featured throughout many 2012 and 2013 collections, this trouser style was more prominent than ever on the runway this spring.  

Missoni offered checked, chino, and cotton crepe versions going for a beatnik, 1950s Americana feel. Michael Kors opted for an elegant, more forward-looking take on the trend, converging casual-luxe elements into their tall and full legged, pleated, and pre-wrinkled trousers. Bottega Veneta chose a slimmer and more polished pleated pant while Lanvin preferred a more utilitarian, generous, and luxurious style.

The key to properly pulling off a pair of high-waisted pants is all in the fit. They should sit high and snug on your waist, and looser in the middle. Statement belts and simple tucked-in tees create a tall silhouette. And you can easily dress up the look with a well-tailored shirt… just make sure you stay away from big prints and bold colours to avoid a clown look. Though this high-cut look has been around for ages, it’s a statement piece that can easily go wrong. So when you’re trying it out, think less Steve Urkel and more Marlon Brando. If done well, the high-waisted trouser offers a confident, young professional look, so start pulling up those pants if you want to be notably on trend.

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