Men’s Fashion Trend for SS14: Accessorizing Your Wrists

Though accessories have become a notable choice for style-conscious young professional men over the last few years, this season’s plethora of male-adorning options seems to be the perfect time for all YPs to confidently try the trend. From wooden beads to leather bands and metal cuffs, bracelets are the preferred choice of jewelry for men. 

We wouldn’t picture classic style icons like James Bond or Don Draper donning decorated wrists, but current male fashion figures such as Johnny Depp, Kanye West and David Beckham have been advocating the trend for years. 

Both high-end and street brands have given us many wristlet styles to explore. From wrapped bracelets with anchors, hooks, skulls or bits, to Metal ID, leather or woven cuffs, wooden, crystal or ebony beads, more and more men are wrapping their wrists. 

Layering can give off a polished and modern appearance while still retaining a sense of masculinity. Choosing a chunky and more distinctive piece to wear on its own adds both a finishing touch and personal style to any man’s outfit. Depending on the size of the bead, material and colour, accessorizing your wrists can give off different statements, from a smart, refined and tailored look to a rock n’ roll aesthetic and even a rugged, outdoorsy semblance. 

Men’s bracelets are a versatile, stylish and modern accessory choice for even the most conservative young professional man. 

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