Men’s fashion trend: Camo marches on for Spring 2014

Camouflage seems to be that one trend that just keeps marching on. This spring, various collections offered different takes on the print, giving men no choice but to blend in with the fashion crowd for yet another season. Camo has been popular in fashion and art from as early as 1919. Vogue first featured the print in 1943 and published a trend collage on camouflage and its use in fashion in 1971, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that it became a trend in both streetwear and high-fashion labels. Fashionable men with varying styles from Kayne West to David Beckham have donned the motif over the years. 


Just when we thought the print had surrendered, numerous designers such as Dries van Noten, Kenzo, APC, Valentino and Comme des Garçons presented their reinterpreted camo duds this spring in an array of materials, cuts and coluors, offering a more refined and trimmer take on the trend. 


Rustic, Southern-influenced brand Billy Reid has yet to work with camouflage until this season where he highlights a rain poncho in a camo impersonating, floral print. Contrastingly, designer Mark McNairy, who is known for his camo tendencies, displayed everything from embroidered coats to full suits in the print. 


Though many have considered camo to be the “new neutral,” sticking to one piece at a time actually helps you to get noticed more. Whether your style is preppy, hipster or street, camo is a versatile trend that has fought a good fight and continues to win in the fashion industry. 

Will this macho pattern establish a major force in your closet again this spring?

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