Men’s Fashion: No Tie Trend for Spring and Pre Fall 2014

As women become more in charge with their look, men say good-bye to the stiff power suit this Spring and pre-Fall. New tailoring emphasizes softer and more relaxed fabrics, flowing lines, longer jackets and looser pants with a clear presentation on the elimination of the necktie.

The once essential feature of office attire has become an elective accoutrement as corporate attire has entrenched a personal choice on variance even within the same company.

Though the necktie often provides a boost to an otherwise drab corporate man’s aesthetic and is thought to bring a level of respect to the workplace, many young professionals claim that it shouldn’t be about the suit, but about your contribution to the business. With the no-tie trend evident for the past three seasons on the runway, designers such as Prada, Valentino, Versace, Lanvin, Giorgio Armani and many more all offer modern and rich tie-less gatherings in their latest collections. Men even walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes without a neck or bow tie.

Many men simply don’t like wearing ties, so the contemporary trend has caught on. Even when a business suit is warranted, a tie is no longer a must-wear accessory as it creates a more approachable impression. The no-tie look depicts a business-minded yet tech-savvy and creative look. What are your thoughts on the no-tie trend in and out of the office?

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Cover Image from: Soletopia

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