Men’s Fall Fashion Trend: The Turtleneck

Most men seem to retract into their shells at the idea of wearing a turtleneck, but seeing as it is one of this season’s hottest trends, more and more men are coming out of hiding to incorporate it into their look. One of the most popular ways to wear the turtleneck right now is by loading on the layers. 

Turtlenecks edge the line between casual and dressy. Keep your style masculine and youthful by choosing the right cut, colour and layers to transform your look from Steve Urkel to Steve McQueen. 

Layering takes away any softness in your ensemble and establishes a manly and courageous appearance. Donning military hues and shapes keeps your look laid back and cool.

For the wintery weeks ahead, pairing a turtleneck with both a blazer and a scarf can transform young professional gentlemen into looking effortlessly trendy and protects against the chill.

For a more straightforward yet aristocratic demeanour, simply match a knit turtleneck beneath a blazer.

If you are opting for more formal fashion, or feel like going for a bold look at the office, pairing a turtleneck under your full suit can look daringly dapper.

For a classic and clean look on a frostier day, cut the cold by opting for a trench or peacoat combination.

Though the turtleneck has always been somewhat of an assumed challenge for men, it is surprisingly easy to befittingly achieve this look. Turtlenecks not only make a man’s silhouette taller and jawline more defined, but if worn suitably, they can turn an ordinary look bold, confident and dignified.