Meet Lily, a Self Flying Drone Camera That Follows You Around and Captures Stunning HD Video

How many times have you wished you could jump 50 feet in the air or scale a prison-grade fence or walk on water to get the perfect shot? 

Well, now you can. More accurately, you can toss a camera in the air to do the dangerous work for you while you keep a safe distance from whatever amazing thing it is you want to capture. 

Meet Lily, a waterproof, self-flying drone camera that records stunning HD and/or slo-mo videos as it follows you via tracking device from up to 100 feet away. It’s the world’s first ‘throw-and-shoot’ camera, stabilizing itself mid-air after you release it and able to 

It’s like strapping a GoPro to a lunatic videographer with no regard for personal safety:

Lily is currently available for pre-order at $500 until June 15, after which it will retail for double that. First shipments are set to roll out in February 2016.


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