Meet Indikitch, the Chipotle-Style Indian Food Chain That’s Ready to Break Out

A Manhattan-based Indian chain is creating quite a buzz for itself around the foodie scene.

With a similar price tag to fast-casual synonym Chipotle, Indikitch has made it very attainable for anyone to eat a great meal at an amazing price.

For under $13, you get a full feast that’s customized based on your preference, which means you can be as meaty, fishy or vegetarian as you want.

Each meal comes with your choice of ingredients featuring rice, naan, chickpeas and much, much more.


The best part is that the restaurant believes in all-natural, non-GMO ingredients made from scratch free of hormones and preservatives.

Indikitch currently has only two locations, both in New York with overwhelmingly positive reviews, but there is massive potential for it to become the vehicle of delicious Indian cuisine to the masses. According to Business Insider, McDonald’s should jump on the opportunity and buy it.

And you know what that means: expansion to Canada is just around the corner.

We don’t know about you, but a Biryani Bowl with some spicy chicken and naan bread sounds pretty damn good right about now.