McGill University Study Finds Maple Syrup is the Cure for Everything (Duh)

Maple syrup – our beloved Canadian staple – may be doing more than tasting amazing on top of your pancakes.

Or, whatever else you put it on (see: cocktails).

A new study out of our very own McGill University has determined that maple syrup is pretty much the cure for anything.

Concentrated extracts were found to make disease-inducing bacteria more vulnerable to medication, therefore making antibiotics more effective.

In basic terms, researchers took regular maple syrup and isolated the main components, known as phenolic compounds. They went on to create an extract from the components and applied it to infection-causing bacteria. Though the extract helped battle bacteria on its own, it proved to be even more of a miracle drug (fine, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, we’ve been watching Dr. Oz) when it was used in conjunction with antibiotics.

The combination works by killing biofilms, aka, the layers that protect bacteria and

prevent antibiotics from destroying them. This increases the chances of them being susceptible to medication.

Sounds like some pretty sweet news to us; we wonder how long it will take for maple syrup extract to make its way into the capsules of antibiotics.


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