McDonald’s Will Be Testing All Day Breakfast in April

According to McDonald’s FAQ, “…it comes down to the sheer size of kitchen grills. They simply don’t have the room for all of our menu options at one time – especially considering we use our grill to prepare many items on our breakfast menu.”

Guess what; nobody cares.

And maybe McDonald’s is finally starting to get that.

After continuous pleas from customers, a 15% profit hit in 2014, and breakfast spending consistently rising in the US for the past 3 years in a row, McDonald’s is getting their buns in gear and testing out an all-day breakfast on their menu. 

While the April kick-off for market tests will only be in California and there has been no confirmation on exactly which breakfast sandwiches will make the grill, the grease has officially been applied to the wheels; now we just have to wait.
Or if you’re lucky enough to have a business trip to San Diego in April, you’ll be able to take the 6:20am United flight from YYZ, arrive at 11:44am local time, and still be allowed to stuff your face with hash browns when you land.

So while their stock price only jumped 90 cents after the plan was publicly confirmed, some things just aren’t about the money. They’re about us not being forced to cure a hangover with McNuggets just because hockey-moms think 11am is “lunchtime”.

We’re eggspecting big things here…


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