McDonald’s Waffle Fries Arrive in Canada

Alright, listen: we’re not going to suggest you drop your #cleaneating lifestyle immediately and book it to McDonald’s. But we do have a duty to let you know that they’re now serving waffle fries.

How you adjust your behaviour with that information is up to you.

This isn’t just some let’s give Canada something nice, too initiative either.

No, this is an exclusive deep-fried treasure, as the new McDonald’s waffle fries will only be served at Canadian locations.

They’ve been described as a hash brown-fries hybrid and look way cooler than both. Instagram’s stoked about it…

McDonald's waffle fries

“Warm your senses with whole potatoes cut in a criss-cross design, then coated with a crisp, tasty batter,” reads the promotional material, which might also serve as a reason to put an extra cup of kale in your morning smoothie.

The bad news is that they’ll only be on the menu for a limited time. Unforgivable.

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