McDonald’s is Currently Testing Sweet Potato Fries

McDonald’s is just a Michelin star away from being a completely unrecognizable restaurant compared to the heart disease incubator it was during your high school years.

Over the past six months, the world’s second-largest fast food chain has become a place where people can order kale salads on a touchscreen and then eat them on their take-out bag that transforms into a table. Or eat cage-free eggs all damn day in a Big Mac thermal.

Indeed, this is what a brazen marketing spree to lure millennials back into the arms of a floundering mega corporation looks like.

That spree continued late last week as McDonald’s began testing sweet potato fries at 18 locations in Amarillo, Texas, a town of less than 200,000 people. This is admittedly an exceptional idea.

They’ll only be released nationally – and, God willing, in Canada – pending positive customer feedback during the limited time experimental phase.

People of Texas, you know what to do.