Maroon 5’s “Sugar” Isn’t as Sweet as the Internet Wants it to Be

As you may have heard by now, Maroon 5’s latest video, “Sugar,” sees the band crashing as many weddings as they can in a single day in Los Angeles.

Filmed on December 6th, 2014, the band surprises supposedly unsuspecting wedding guests when they’re unveiled mid-performance as a curtain drops on a makeshift stage.

“We are going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can,” says frontman Adam Levine as the video starts. “It’s going to be awesome.”

And yeah, it does look pretty awesome in the video.

But is it really that authentic? We don’t think so.

Here’s why: 

Any Bride Would Freak Out at the Screen
After countless months of meticulous planning, even the most laidback of brides would anxiously question the presence of the unsightly screen and stage taking up precious real estate in the wedding reception. As for the bridezillas, they would full-on freak. the. eff out once the crew arrived to set it up.

No Groom Wants a Hotter, Famous Dude to Outstage Him
Apparently, the grooms were briefed in advance, which makes a little more sense when it comes to their positive “happy surprised” reactions. But, in a few cases in the video, it looks like the grooms are even more excited than the brides when the band, complete with handsome ladies man Adam Levine, are revealed. Really?

All the Party Guests Are Good Dancers
Anyone who’s ever been at a wedding – complete with the total mixed bag of guests – knows that the dance floor can be a scary sight at the best of times. Yet, all the guests in the videos have rhythm and dance in harmony. Oh, and they don’t break a sweat either.

There Would Be More Cell Phones Out – Like, EVERYONE’S
In an age where we live to document everything on social media, weddings are no exception. And weddings starring Maroon 5 are especially no exception. If this isn’t the most exciting Insta material of the year then you must be hanging out with Kanye a little too much. Yet, strangely, only a couple of token guests apparently had the sense to bust out their phones to capture the moment.

Guests Would Notice the Perfectly Positioned Cameras
It’s not just the stage that would seem out of place to the guests, but also the presence of cameras and camera operators who weren’t there for the ceremony. It’s not like these were celebrity weddings that would end up on Entertainment Tonight or Hello Magazine…

It’s Just Too Polished
It’s not just the dancing that looks a little too perfect. Though we legitimately could buy the reactions of some guests, others are a little to “bad actor-y” in our opinion (“dad” in the mustard tie, we’re looking at you). Wedding Crashers director himself, David Dobkin created the video, so if they were indeed real people, we suspect they were given more than enough direction by a man who knows best.

And for these reasons, we think the whole thing was entirely staged – either by real wedding guests or actors (and this Boston-based outlet apparently has proof of that).

But hey, watch the video for yourself and let us know on our Facebook page what you think. 


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