Mark Zuckerberg Has a Secret Facebook and it’s Much Better Than Yours

It’s been a sneaky week for Facebook.

First they tell us we have almost a decade’s worth of backed up, never-before-seen party invites and hidden messages in a secret inbox.

And now we learn that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a snazzy little account with tons of other features that aren’t available to us yet (or maybe ever).

The billionaire and chairman of the social networking site showed some behind-the-scenes features during his live video last week that introduced the launch of Facebook’s live-broadcasting feature.

His edition of the Facebook-app is referred to as the “yellow version,” or the “internal build,” and as Business Insider and The Verge have spied, his iPhone app is a little more advanced than ours.

The video was released to promote broadcasting live video, which according to Mark is a “new, really raw, personal and spontaneous way that people can share.”

“Now you don’t have to take a bunch of videos or photos and curate them and find exactly the most perfect one. You can go live and feel like you’re really with your friends or people all over the world,” he said.

The Demo starts at around 6:50 in the video.

Live from Facebook HQ for the Live video launch!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

But not only did Zuckerberg demonstrate this exciting new feature, he also gave us a glimpse into the secret “yellow” world of the Facebook elite – with a bunch of cool features and an indication of things to come to the social networking app.

When he taps on the “What’s on your mind” button at the top (or the composer, according to Zuckerberg), his fancy app shows a different kind of menu to the one we see on our phones. When clicked, it brings up a list of content types, and with it the ways you can share. As well as check-ins, pics, videos and “Feeling blessed”-type statuses, Zuckerberg had the option to post music, GIFs and slideshows.

He warned us not to get too excited, pocketing his iPhone quickly after the sneak peek at his enhanced newsfeed options, simultaneously dashing our hopes and intriguing us in the process:

“This pre-build internal version of the Facebook app – you might have seen some stuff in there that we’re just playing around with and testing. Not everything there is going to launch. Some of it will over time, but the live stuff is going to be rolling out soon.”

Cryptic. You’ll have to watch this space to see what comes into fruition. Until then we can expect live videos across Facebook in the near future.