Marissa Freed: Today’s Notable Young Professional

Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur is Marissa Freed, whose currently putting her fashion-forward stamp on family-run Freed and Freed garment manufacturers, who have been in operation since 1921…

Elevator Pitch: Describe your business in a nutshell.
Manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing… of garments, that is.

Why did you start your business, what was the inspiration?
I’m the fourth generation of my family to run Freed and Freed. However, each generation has put their own unique stamp on the business. My background is fashion and business so I chose to take a new fashion approach this year with the launch of FREED.

What is the best part of what you do on a day-to-day basis? The most challenging part?
Every day I get to see the look on my team’s faces when they feel proud and accomplished; it warms my heart. The most challenging part is trying to find your niche in this fast-paced industry.

Where do you see your business going in five years?
I hope to be a well-recognized brand with an international-selling field and continue to be known as one of the highest quality makers in Canada.

What does success look like to you?
Putting my stamp on the business, the industry, and having happy, fulfilled staff.

What is the most memorable milestone in your career?
Watching the Olympians walk out at the Olympic opening ceremonies in coats that my company helped create.  

Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
If you will it, it is no dream!

Do you support any charities? If so, which one(s) and why is that important to you?
The Jewish Federation is important to me to stay connected with my history and be able to give back. At Christmas my entire team goes to Siloam mission to help in the kitchen. I feel it’s important as a team to give back to our community and recognize how fortunate we all are. Every one of us leaves with a smile on our faces. I also support local animal rescues (I just adopted the sweetest rescue from up north that was a stray). 

What is Notable to you?
Notable is a stepping stone on your way to the finish line. It means Canadian, young, entrepreneurism and that you’ve finally begun to lay your path.

BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, or Other?
I was the biggest BlackBerry supporter until about a month ago when I gave in and got an iPhone. I must say, though, I’m thoroughly enjoying it and all its apps.

How do you keep active, energetic, and vibrant?
I keep busy, challenged and hit the gym as often as I can. I find I begin to get bored without mental stimulation and new challenges.


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