A Beautiful Food Blogger Reflects On Her Struggle With Bulimia


Maria Koutsougiannis reflects on her experience with Bulimia and her current relationship with food.

It all started when I moved to Calgary.

To this day, I don’t know why my Bulimia first started but I remember when it did. I was wearing a burgundy top, blue jeans and a little sweater. I must have eaten a bit too much and I was feeling upset about the way I felt. I looked at myself in the mirror for a good 5 minutes before I decided to get down onto my knees. It was the first time I experienced an act of self-hate, pity and worthlessness.

Now, I believe that I was meant to fall sick. I was struggling in and out of Bulimia, but the very disease that temporarily destroyed my body taught me the biggest life lesson I will ever learn:

Fear not, food is your friend.

After I gained the strength beat Bulimia I decided that life was too short and that I wanted to help other people, and that’s when Food By Maria was born. I ditched the 9-5, started an Instagram account and started documenting recipes I was using to help myself stay healthy, positive and on track.
I am now living in a little dream, but I am awake, and have Bulimia to thank for it.


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