The Most Gorgeous Plant-Based Food Influencer Lives in Calgary


Maria Koutosiannis is a Greek Canadian food stylist, fitness enthusiast, and clean eating queen. Maria’s channel @foodbymaria is what wellness dreams are made of and, the best news? Maria is Notable Life’s newest contributor, and we couldn’t be happier. Here’s why:


@FoodbyMaria Stands For Something

Maria’s channel preceded the plant based eating and the vegan life trends online, and it was powered by recovery from an eating disorder. Maria is open about her suffering with bulimia and created @foodbymaria as a tool for healing. Her slogan? Fear not, food is your friend. 

@FoodbyMaria Writes Original Recipes

Do you know how rare it is for a food influencer to make their own recipes? As rare as finding a pearl in an oyster.

@FoodbyMaria Makes Food Look Stunning

Maria is a talented food stylist with photos that will make you swoon, especially if you’re into pizza, cake and spaghetti dishes that are 100% clean. HELL, YEAH!


Catch Maria Koutosiannis on the Notable Network for Food Fridays each week starting now.