Mansfield Athletic Club Offers Downtown Fitness Haven

When people first step into the old Loews Theater, they are often surprised to learn that tucked behind bustling Saint Catherine St. and amongst the many highrises of Montreal’s downtown, resides a gym as massive and as beautiful as Mansfield Athletic Club.

When asked why it was ever first imagined that Montreal’s oldest theater building would make an ideal gym, Communications Director Hugues Dufosse stated that aside from the incredible architecture and ample space, it was simply the building’s location that made it so ideal. As a notable gym for the young professionals of Montreal, we agree. 

The incredible early-20th century architecture that once made this cultural center so special has been left almost entirely intact, creating an overwhelmingly inspiring atmosphere. Various weights and benches now inhabit the grand stage, balconies provide quiet conditioning and stretching areas, and rows of cardio machines occupy where the audience once sat. The huge building houses everything a young professional looking to get fit and stay fit could ever need. Whether you are looking to fit in a quick circuit workout before an early meeting, conquer an intense spin class over your lunch hour, or enjoy a one-on-one training session after your workday, Mansfield Athletic Club truly has it all.  

Mansfield offers a variety of group activities, including yoga in their sunroom or on their warm terrace, popular Cross Fit and spin classes, even three levels of instructed outdoor running. All classes are lead by bilingual instructors and are scheduled for before, mid, and after work hours. Classes normally run 45 minutes, allowing you enough time to pop in, work up a quick sweat, fit in a quick shower or a bite at the in-house bistro, and pop back out to your busy day. 

If going at your own pace is more your style, try the Xpress Circuit full-body workout, and/or hop on one of Mansfield’s 65 cardio machines. With such a large number and variety of cardio machines (all of which feature a TV and iPhone dock), there is always something available, even in prime hours. Additionally, because of the copious amounts of space, this gym never has that typical crowded feeling; we just love not having to wait for our favourite weight benches, Bosu ball, or stretching spot.

As much as we love the classic ambiance, modern machinery, and grand high ceilings, what makes this gym really notable is certainly the location. Set between Rene Levesque Blvd. and Saint Catherine St. West, right in the neighbourhood of Place Ville Marie, Place Bonaventure, and many other business hubs, downtown young professionals are finding it very convenient to fit in their daily workout at Mansfield Athletic Club. So whether you are a runner or biker, yogi or weightlifter, or in need of professional physiotherapy or a relaxing massage, Mansfield Athletic Club has everything for the fit YP crowd right outside your downtown office door.