Manscaping: New Research Has Just Linked Beards to Sexism

Especially with the looming winter, the beard trend shows no sign of stopping.

In fact, they’ve almost moved past the “trend” phase to a mainstay.

Of course, everyone has their opinion when it comes to facial hair – some females I know will only date guys with beards, while others wouldn’t go near them. Not to mention, studies have shown that beards make men less likely to get hired.

The attraction of beards has been attributed to the correlation of facial hair with maturity and masculinity, but also with dominance and aggression (which some people are into). It also correlates with notions of fertility, according to Australian scientists.

But, apparently, that beard may be making some feel a little too masculine. A recent study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that men with beards were more sexist. The reasoning behind it is that a “special set” of sexist males chose to grow beards to make them appear more masculine and dominant.

The findings were based on a survey of 223 men from the US and 309 men from India who were between the ages of 18 and 72. The men completed an online survey that measured demographic variables, ambivalent sexism, and facial hair status. When the demographic variables were controlled for, the findings showed that those with facial hair were significantly higher in hostile sexism (derogatory patriarchal beliefs, such as that women try to keep men under the thumb in relationships) than clean-shaven men.

Such sexism was a significant predictor of facial hair status much more so than demographic variables. Furthermore, facial hair was more common among ambivalent and hostile sexists than among benevolent (holding doors and picking up the tab) and non-sexists.

As a facial hair lover (seriously, is there anything sexier than a little stubble?), this goes against what I know – the only observation I’ve made when it comes to the guys with facial hair is that they’re a little cooler.

In fact, to be honest, the most sexist guys I know are generally clean shaven. Anyway, when it comes to the study, don’t shoot the messenger: I am still on the beard bandwagon 100 per cent.