Making the 90s Cool Again: Keep An Eye on Untitled&Co

Founded in 2006, Untitled&Co is a Toronto based high-end streetwear collection with a flagship store on Queen St. West in addition to stockists in Montreal, Vegas, London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, LA, New York and Boston. Their colourful printed sweaters push boundaries and attract attention from bloggers and retailers all over the world. Juxtaposing the vulgarity of popular 90s music, fashion and movies with images and phrases, the company’s growing celebrity fan base includes Diplo, Lil Debbie and Perez Hilton, which has helped to solidify Untitled&Co as a brand to watch. We sat down with founder and former model Cameron Wilson to discuss Untitled&Co’s viral success and latest collection. 

For those of us who don’t know yet, tell us a little bit about Untitled & Co…
Untitled&Co is the brand I founded with my friend Chloe Sam-Mcgrath in 2006. It started as a photo project and it evolved over the years into a collection of t-shirts, sweaters and eyewear.

What makes Untitled&Co a staple in the Toronto fashion scene?
Our flagship on Queen St. West has been a big part in helping grow our brand in the Toronto fashion scene. The idea for the shop was to bring in the kind of brands we wanted to see girls in. Because we travel a lot, we noticed that women in Toronto were not as fashionably adventurous as the people we saw in LA and NYC, so we did our best to bring those brands to Toronto to give girls an opportunity to become more courageous with what they wear.

What do you think made Untitled&Co a worldwide success?
It really happened overnight. One minute we were completely focused on the physical store and then suddenly our online store became non-stop and we were shipping all over the world. Within days my email got bombarded with emails from shops all over the world wanting to carry the brand. It was actually kind of surreal.

What celebrities have become fans of the brand?
Diplo was the first celebrity to wear Untitled&Co. He really helped put us on the map. Lil Debbie has also been a big supporter and Perez Hilton bought one of our sweaters and wears it all the time. We heard that Katy Perry has picked up one of our sweaters from our exclusive UK stockist, but we don’t have a photo yet.

What has been your best selling piece?
I think any of the graphics from our first collection two years ago are still going strong. “Bitches Ain’t Shit” was our signature tee for so long, so I would have to say that that is our best seller. The Clueless collection killed it too.

What is the premise behind this Spring/Summer Occhiali Collection?
I got a lot of inspiration for our new Spring/Summer collection from Harry Winston. The clean yet austere aesthetic they have had for so many years really touched me. We found a great substitute for diamonds that still maintained the highest level of brilliance while still being light and wearable. I am thrilled about our latest collection and am extremely happy with how it did. It is already completely sold out.

Where do you get your inspiration for each collection?
I honestly get inspiration everywhere. I would be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t inspire me. Also, Chloe and I have very different outlooks on life so we both have a very different perspective and I think that that helps to keep things fresh.

Where can you purchase the new Occhiali Collection?
The collection was available to purchase from Browns Focus in London or S*uce Dubai, but I received word they are all sold out. With our eyewear you really have to act fast. We only make what we need and then the style is discontinued.  We have a new collection going to market in the next three weeks and then a collaboration with Toronto jeweler ARMED slated for Fall.

What’s next for Untitled & Co?
Our new location is probably the next biggest thing. We are moving from our home of two years on Queen St. to a new home in Yorkville (98 Scollard). We were really happy on Queen but when our building sold, we made the decision move locations so that we can expand the brand both externally and internally.

Our new space is going to be more brand-focused with a lot more product, as we are introducing bags and shoes into the collection next spring.


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