Making it Rain: A House Sold in Vancouver for Over $50 Million

People keep talking about a housing bubble and then sh*t like this happens.

Recently released legal documents show that this breathtaking Point Grey mansion owned by Don Mattrick, CEO of Zynga and former EA/Microsoft executive, was sold for the astounding figure of $51.8 million dollars.

You could make it rain for days with that kind of cash flow.

The property, which occupies three lots overlooking the ocean, boasts many features you will probably never get to experience in your lifetime including a 10-car underground garage (because everyone knows you can only drive 5 cars at once) a full-sized indoor swimming pool, waterfalls, a grass tennis court, and a movie theatre.

The house was purchased by Vancouver-based company Chunghwa Investment (Canada) Co. Ltd.
and is now listed under executive Mailin Chen’s name. Who reportedly told CBC, “I love Vancouver. It’s a very beautiful city. They have the best education for kids.”

You know what else could have the best education for kids? 50 million spent on education. 

Even though instead of buying this house you could, say, purchase, LeBron James’ talents for your co-ed basketball team for 2.5 years, this isn’t even the most expensive home in Vancouver – Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s Drummond Drive mansion was recently assessed and valued at $57 million.

The Canadian housing bubble may be coming for most of us, but we’re pretty sure Point Grey is immune to such trivialities. 


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