Maderas Collective Custom Furniture Hits Toronto from the Nicaraguan Jungle

As you may recall, we fell in love with a magical place in Nicaragua back in March called Maderas Village. Described as a summer camp for young adults, the eco tourist destination provides the ultimate escape from consuming cities, perpetually over-committed young professional (YP) lifestyles and the repetitive grind. Catering predominantly to the right brain-oriented set of YPs, it is a place where people come to create, lose themselves and rediscover. Now, a piece of this jungle paradise arrives in Canada with Maderas North, a three-day pop-up showcase this weekend at Dundas West’s Hermann & Audrey featuring the custom furniture of the Maderas Collective.

The contemporary and rustic exotic wood furniture and accessories offered by the Maderas Collective reflects the same vision as Maderas Village: to live well. Co-founders and partners of Maderas Collective Matt (Dickie) Dickinson and Dave Grossman are also Co-founders of Maderas Village. Ethically produced, the furniture is designed and crafted in Maderas Collective’s workshop in Managua, Nicaragua, working with local craftsman through the sharing of First World design and technical skills. The result is a hand- crafted, high quality line of exotic wood dining tables, chairs, coffee tables and leather accessories designed in a similar vision as Maderas Village.

For those who have yet to experience it for themselves, the Toronto showcase offers a glimpse into this distinct Maderas lifestyle that inspires furniture and accessories. “Our furniture and accessories are all about authentic quality that inspires conversations, gatherings, and reflection while creating memories,” says Dickinson.

“It was really an organic transformation of where we started, which was going to Nicaragua with the intention of creating a place for ourselves and other creative people to converge and feel at home,” adds Grossman. “Developing the village was obviously a huge undertaking and we needed furniture, so we started creating it for ourselves at first.”

In addition to the assortment rocking chairs, lounge chairs, desks, stools and tables, the pop-up also features the company’s collection of accessories and serves as a marketplace, with things like cutting boards, leather iPad cases, luggage, lamps, blankets and jewellery, making for no shortage of holiday gift ideas. Two special edition throw blankets designed by Dan Torjman of Canadian-made men’s fashion brand 18 Waits are on sale in the space over the weekend, and beloved jewellery designer Jenny Bird has also created a special line called Maderas for the occasion. The Maderas feel to the gallery is complete with enlarged photos from our own trip and the type of captivating art that you inevitably get lost in by Huy Lan, which reminds us of the rolling waves that make Maderas a surfer’s paradise.

Maderas Collective furniture is already found in distinctive homes and commercial operations across North America and the company also collaborates with interior and commercial designers to create bespoke furniture. Most recently, Maderas Collective collaborated with design firm hOmE to create wood-banded tabletops for Brooklyn’s popular Danish craft-beer bar Torst. Toronto-based PR Firm Knot PR recently turned to Maderas Collective to furnish their new office.


Why you’ll like it:

 1. The pieces are made with exceptional, top quality wood, handmade and well designed.

2. The company collaborates with established and up-and-coming designers and can customize outside of their typical aesthetic to accommodate unique tastes. “We can do anything,” says Dickinson.

3. It doesn’t get more authentic. As a result, the furniture is not completely refined, adding comfort and character to the pieces.

4. There is a unique story behind the brand, in everything from the creativity-facilitating Maderas lifestyle to the local workers who create the pieces. “The pieces reflect the natural beauty of the country but also the tenacious spirit of the Nicaraguan people who are so determined in the face of adversity,” says Grossman.

5. The price range is accessible for YPs and is designed to be within reach.

6. The turnaround time from ordering is only 6-8 weeks.

Check it out for yourself this weekend, December 13th-15th, at Hermann & Audrey, 11:00am-6:00pm. 

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Images Credit: Miguel Arenillas